Compact and simple chiller unit for auto parts

[INQ. NO. 1503M15] Kemtech was established in 1992, starting the business in the field of the machine tool industry with the chiller unit. Through innovative development manufacturing for the past 10 years, Kemtech is now the leader in the field of chiller and high pressure coolant and filtration systems. Also, the company has expanded to be equipped with an operation division for automobile parts.

Compact-and-simple-auto-parts The design concepts of Kemtech are compact and simple to provide customers advantages for space application and also easy replacement of unit components when necessary. Kemtech can provide the best solution for customers in the machine tool industry through long experience of knowledge and know-how.

Ever since its establishment in 1992, Kemtech has specialized in the development and manufacture of chiller and high-pressure coolant, and through the exclusive affiliated R&D institute in Ulsan Convergence Scientific Technology Center, various innovative technologies had been developed to be registered for patents and for the release of new cutting-edge products.

Compact-and-simple Recently, Kemtech developed the new variable flow system, and the cyclone application unit to meet the customer needs, and products of Kemtech are exported to foreign countries including Japan, China, and European countries.

Through the affiliated R&D Center, Kemtech registered and acquired various patents, including patents for a cutting fluid filter device and an oil separation device, and design rights for a highpressure cutting fluid device. Also, several certifications were acquired, such as the CE Certification, and the ISO 9001. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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