Pump gates

[INQ. NO. 1503M14] Since its establishment in 2001, Hasuh Industries Corp. was registered as a venture company by the Korean government, and also was designated as a promising small & medium-sized enterprise (SME) by the Jeonnam Provincial Government. Through the affiliated R&D center established in 2010, Hasuh Industries registered and acquired numerous certifications, international standards, and patents.

Pump-gates_1https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Hasuh Industries registered and acquired many patents regarding the technologies and the products, such as pump-mounted gates, air chamber flap gates, apparatuses for torque control of gate lifts, movable weirs, self-descendible actuators, hinged pump gates, etc. Also, certification such as ISO 9001 was obtained.

Pump-gates Under the philosophy of high technology, assurance of quality, satisfaction to customers, ultimate execution, and the happiness of humankind, Hasuh Industries combines its accumulated experience to assist in the complete success of the projects as the most valuable business partner.

The company’s hasuh pump gate series has been developed as a new drainage facility integrating the pump and the gate into one system. The system consists of a screen, gate leaf, actuator, submersible pump, flap valve and local control panel.

It does not require large-scale sump pit area and pump station work. Accordingly, no area or space is required, and the pump is integrally equipped with a gate, to be very simple and easy for maintenance. Also, the simplicity of installing the pump gate saves time for system construction. When the exterior water-level rises higher than that of the interior water, screen and pump gate will be completely closed in order to prevent exterior water from flowing back into the interior water and to prepare the pump operation.

If the interior water-level reaches the pre-determined water level, pump and screen will be automatically operated in order to discharge interior water forcibly toward the outside through the gate. When the exterior water-level drops lower than that of interior water, the pump gate and screen will be opened so that interior water will flow naturally toward the outside.

The company’s roller gauge drastically reduces the friction force. It is designed to provide design without interferences each members and increase the accurate operation of gate. Hasuh roller gate is intended primarily for use of flow control of dikes, flood, irrigation, and for the use of flow control of flood control dam.

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