Automotive tubes

Products selected by Gyeongsangnam-do

[INQ. NO. 1505M05] Established in 1989, DH Tube is an export company specialized in producing automotive tube assembly products for power trains, power pumps, oil pick up, and air conditioner. As a specialized company of producing automotive tube assembly, DH Tube has been manufacturing and exporting tube assembly for power train, oil pick up, power pump, power steering, and other fluid control systems since its foundation in 1989. DH Tube’s tubes for power train are used in truck engines, industrial engines, gear change, and vehicle emission gas redactor. They are varied in size and type according to power train’s specific applications. Now they are delivered to the U.S. Cummins Inc. and then ultimately they are utilized for vehicles of GM, and Chrysler. Tubes for power pumps are used for vacuum pumps for brakes, and water pumps. With the assembly of a pump module, they are finally used for vehicles of Toyota and Mazda. Tubes for air conditioners are for vehicle heaters, condensers, cooling modules, and air controlling equipment, which are delivered for Korea Delphi.

Automotive-tubes Serving not only domestic markets, DH Tube exports to overseas markets like North America, Europe, and Asia, based on the slogan, “Toward the World, Toward the Future.” Started with exports of its tube assembly for power train system in 1999, it received the One Million Dollar Export Tower Award in 2008, and the Three Million Dollar Export Tower Award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2011. Finally, it received the Three Million Dollar Export Tower Award in 2012. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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