Hydraulic machinery

Products selected by Gyeongsangnam-do

[INQ. NO. 1505M06] Samsong Design Tech is a corporation established based on more than 20 years of hydraulic machinery section-related development and manufacturing experience. Samsong Design Tech manufactures various types of forming press and related machines including medium-and-large-sized hydraulic press and bending roller. It leads the global era by manufacturing hydraulic machinery covering all industries, contributing to the development of domestic industry by emerging new technologies.

Hydraulic-machineryhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Samsong Design Tech is one of the leading firms in Korea that specializes in the export of hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic Press (100ton~10000ton), and dish end flanging machine. Samsong Design Tech ensures that it will support the customer with its long-term and widely experienced manpower in all frequency product areas, along with best prices and short delivery.

Four major machine products lead the company’s current drive for potential overseas markets – hydraulic plate bending roll machine, hydraulic flanging machine, hydraulic press machine, and hydraulic section bending machine. In particular, among them, the fourth product is exported to Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. For better performance, it uses a planetary reduction gear box and the servotronic control system.

The maker promises it will help potential end-users improve competitiveness and create added value by providing them with more economical equipment and adopting new technologies, with an aim to be a highly reliable and competitive enterprise by continuously developing technologies in the domestic machine industry and through innovative R&D activities.

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