Thermostat (PID controller)

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[INQ. NO. 1505M27] TemcoLine is a Korea’s leading maker of industrial thermostat (PID controller ). By continuously releasing innovative models of industrial thermostats such as T50, T30, T26 ( exclusive model for controlling of refrigerator, the company heightened the quality and performance of thermostats to the global top-level. Based on its own controlling technologies, it obtained the global leading quality and competitiveness, leading the domestic industrial market. All of its thermostats are composed of universal (multi) part of input and output. With its own advanced PID algorism, the thermostats ensures rapid response and high safety, so they perform highest-level performances in the areas that require speed, precision control. They were applied with new concept of digital filters, so that they guarantee capability of anti-noise and reliability in poor environment. In world’s first, they realize controlling of changeable sampling (50~250ms). With application of full automatic check and correction system, they give high quality even in mass-production. Furthermore, the company specializes in manufacturing of sensors, industrial robots, flight vehicles, RF, and instrument & control. It was established with top engineers and experts from the fields in Korea with the aim to take one step further Korea’s relatively weak technological capacities regarding such fields as sensors, instrument & control, and unmanned flight vehicles and eventually developed into one of the world’s best technology companies.

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