Tunnel boring machine / Food waste decomposer

Products selected by Gyeongsangnam-do

[INQ. NO. 1505M19] Established in 1987, EM Korea is renowned for its implementation of the most progressive manufacturing techniques, namely precision machining. Listed on the KOSDAQ in 2007, EM Korea set off to initiate new business operations acquiring both domestic and international patents and certificates. The company now enjoys a strong reputation for proven results and has become successfully accomplished in five business fields, including tunnel boring machines, energy/environment, defense/aerospace, machine tools and the power generation industry. EM Korea remains committed to quality improvement and technological development to meet customers’ demands while fulfi lling corporate social responsibilities.

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryFor EM Korea’s advance into potential foreign markets this year, it has focused on two products – tunnel boring machine (TBM), food waste decomposer (eco-crobe). The former is a semi-shield TBM which can deal with every type of soil, from soft types to hard rock. It is suitable equipment for a country that has lots of bedrock area. Also, economical construction is possible by set up through small-sized launch shaft. Due to the compact size, it does not occupy much space and works very well to bedrock by use of high efficiency motor and tri-cone bit. The latter treats food waste and organic industrial waste within 24 hours with microorganism. It has a one-touch type automatic system and microorganism powder can be used semipermanently with one administration of microorganism. Treated food waste is turn into powder and it can be recycled as fertilizer or solid fuels, depending on the type of original waste. It has various size choices from 20 kg to 5 tons.


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