Disk-type sludge thickener

[INQ. NO. 1507M06] Ark specializes in sewage and wastewater treatment, and has been developing sludge treatment facilities for a clean water environment since its establishment in 2000. Ark’s disk-type sludge thickener is an all-in-one compact type of condenser and dehydrator.

Disk-type-sludge-thickenerhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry The product is fitted with a specially designed agitation device. Sludge moves into the upper part after changing into hard floc by the circulation from the sludge thickener. As floc grows bigger, surplus water separated from the sludge gets discharged through the surplus water discharge device located on the central upper part of the disk-type sludge thickener.

The company is focusing on its goal of developing innovative sludge treatment equipment such as disk-type thickeners and screw-type dewatering machines, in cooperation with its research centers. It is also researching and developing the digesters to provide a total solution for environment protection, with an ambition of becoming a global leader in an environment protection area beyond Korean industry.

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