New concept of composite panel, Alcopanel

[INQ. NO. 1511M09] Ever since its establishment in 1990, Alcopanel has been professionally engaged in developing and manufacturing of aluminum composite panels, general composite panels that use zinc, copper, and stainless steel. Its products are supplied to both the local market and 40 countries overseas, growing into a leading company that leads the building materials industry. Alcopanel is highly recommended for external wall cladding for buildings and it has been used in marine and automobile industries. It is also ideal for interior finishing design requirements. It will further devote itself to providing even better value for its customers. With an extension of composite panel new line in Eumseong factory in 2002 and the facility expansion for the production of the flame retardant compound by itself, Alcopanel has been providing higher quality of products to customers with highly competitive prices as a specialized company of building materials. Alcopanel always supplies topquality solutions for the cost the customers pay, not deluding the customers in any case with a customer-oriented heart, but only with dedication to create products of the highest quality using the latest technology and strict quality control.

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PDLCD (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display)

Best Products from Chungbuk, Korea

[INQ. NO. 1508M25] Livicon Co., Ltd. was founded by professionals who have more than 15 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of PDLCD (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display). The company’s globally reputed engineers in the PDLCD field with their own know-how developed through intensive R&D have the world’s first designed and commercialized photo-reactive roll-to-roll type of PDLCD film coating line facilities with the world’s largest production scale.

Only Livicon can manufacture PDLCD with 1.8m in width and 20μ in thick, which delivers features of glass in transparency(over 85%) and haze(less than 6%) when applying an electric current.

The product line includes normal film; glass lamination; self-adhesive and electrical blind, and the varied product range can maximize efficiency in application fields including automobile/ transportation, building/construction, advertising/screen and furniture.

PDLCD-(Polymer-Dispersed-Liquid-Crystal-Display) Livicon promises to be a more customer-friendly company based on speedier delivery of a wide range of products with top-quality and durability thanks to the up-to-date production facilities and the marketers’ know-how, and thus to become a partner of global citizens in innovation of their lifestyles in a sustainable way. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Disk-type sludge thickener

[INQ. NO. 1507M06] Ark specializes in sewage and wastewater treatment, and has been developing sludge treatment facilities for a clean water environment since its establishment in 2000. Ark’s disk-type sludge thickener is an all-in-one compact type of condenser and dehydrator.

Disk-type-sludge-thickener The product is fitted with a specially designed agitation device. Sludge moves into the upper part after changing into hard floc by the circulation from the sludge thickener. As floc grows bigger, surplus water separated from the sludge gets discharged through the surplus water discharge device located on the central upper part of the disk-type sludge thickener.

The company is focusing on its goal of developing innovative sludge treatment equipment such as disk-type thickeners and screw-type dewatering machines, in cooperation with its research centers. It is also researching and developing the digesters to provide a total solution for environment protection, with an ambition of becoming a global leader in an environment protection area beyond Korean industry. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods


[INQ. NO. 1507M03] Among the most prestigious items from Samlip Engineering, a watersaving manufacturer, are two kinds of faucets for water saving and dental water jets, which are currently rated as unique types of faucets worldwide.

Faucets With the specially invented cartridge, the water-saving faucet can be operated without the help of water-saving aerators. It allows users to control saving water volume from approximately 0% to 40% with the support of the built-in dial function, meaning that every moment the clients can be easily satisfied with the product.

The latter, which is known as an oral irrigator, is a device that is widely used to clear away food debris from users’ teeth using a water jet. After overcoming the productive weak points such as motor noise, limit of the amount of water used, limited time and water temperature, and electricity costs, the product is enjoying wide recognition among clients who have usually used a dental water jet with electric power, delivering excellent added value to customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Color Sorter

Color Sorter has been specializing solely in the Color Sorter business since it was established in 1993. With 20 years of experience and know-how in this field, A-MECS has been contributing to food processing industries providing customers new sorting technology through ACS series, GOLD series, MIDAS series, ROYAL series and CRYSTAL series.

A-MECS takes pride in product quality after winning the ‘Excellent Product Awards’ presented by the Korean Standards Association. Possessing the know-how of developing Rice Processing Complexes in local areas, AMECS has been growing both its domestic and overseas market.

As customers require better performance with high productivity in Color Sorter, it has designed machines in consideration of their requirements.

Products are mainly divided into two categories: ROYAL, CRYSTAL, MIDAS PLUS and GOLD series are for grain/seed products, but the Garden Queen Series is for black tea and green tea. GOLD,ROYAL and CRYSTAL are the most advanced Color Sorters and they offer the best selection for customers in accordance with high qualityraw materials. The maker provides customers quality products by meeting international standards and applying a thorough quality control system for the entire process of production. Moreover, the company supplies the best service to its customers – based on reliable know-how and experience in the field.

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