Smart key system

Best Products from Chungbuk, Korea

[INQ. NO. 1507M23] ETS International is a reliable company which has extended business areas to the world as a manufacturer of smart key system. ETS has confidence that it can meet its customers’ any demanding requirements based on its globallevel of technologies. ETS’s smart key system designed based on ETS advanced technology. It is operated with a stylish, one or two-way remote controller. It is started with the HAPTIC button. In particular, the HAPTIC button applied the best human sensing sensor, which only works by human touch. This technology has recently been common in digital devices such as mobile phones, MP3 and in concept cars. This smart key system is a two way alarm system with a cutting-edge smart function than can upgrade customers’ vehicles’ dignity and interior significantly. In addition, ETS smart key system’s HAPTIC button gives an exceptional design sense and feeling, unlike the conventional smart buttons. The HAPTIC button adopts the best human sensing sensor, which only works by human touch. As soon as you touch the button, you will immediately sense the state of the art technology.

Smart-key-system In particular, all parts used in the product meet the international standards for automotive electronic parts. For user’s safety, related reliability tests (ex: high temperature, low temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.) were performed before the product was released. Thanks to smart functions, if a driver approaches the car, the car door is automatically unlocked. If a driver walks away from the car, the door is automatically locked. An ignition device separately displays car positions (ACC, ON and START) with a color LED indicator. A driver can easily check the car status and feel the HAPTIC touch whenever he/she touches the button. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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