Electric walkie stacker

Established in 1999, Taejin Eng. has grown into a major manufacturer in the area of tool storage systems, clamping tools, and material handling equipment, all of which are useful for improvement of working efficiency and utilization of working space.

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry TWSR1300 has a Curtis AC controller, so it enables excellent finemotion of drive control and efficient radiation of heat during operating, and also minimizes vibration and noise. The built-in highly efficient AC control system allows low power consumption and economic battery use – the cost of battery changes is reduced. Low maintenance cost is possible because there is no need to change brush and repair commutators for the AC motor, it can save USD500~1000 in a year, compared to a DC motor. With regenerative braking function, it helps maximization of energy efficiency by transferring generated energy into battery when braking.

Electric-walkie-stacker Automatic deceleration is possible before complete stop – when the lever is in neutral while moving forward or backward, it automatically decelerates until it stops. The application of shock-absorbing reach cylinder enables minimization of shaking between the truck and goods for stability of operation. As the belly switch is located on the tiller head, it makes an emergency stop after one step moving forward to avoid a jamming accident. The anti-rollback system is built-in, so the controller generates reverse torque to prevent backward slipping on a slope. Moreover, automatic deceleration is possible while cornering.

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