Low-vibration, low-noise caster

Cowheel is a specialist company that has developed innovative Smart Wheel technology for non pneumatic wheels to realize the performances of pneumatic wheels. Based on the continued Research and Development (R&D), it is committed to ceaselessly providing quality non-pneumatic wheels to become the global leader in the industry. In light of this, we are looking forward to establishing the best partnership with clients.

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Cowheel’s caster is a non-pneumatic one that disperses the funneling load and reduces the vibration and noise of the caster without a shock absorbing device which requires additional cost. This particular function of Cowheel’s caster can be summarized as a non-pneumatic caster contributing to promoting the productivity of industry such as automobiles, semiconductors, goods distribution, etc. This caster is used for semiconductors, robot, etc. And also it is used for the distribution of air, and for leisure activities like sport, travel, etc.


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