Concrete repairing method

Established in 1995, Hanilcon developed a much improved concrete repairing method which is called RAPHA System. Getting developed of industry, constructors, we use more concrete in construction work. But there are serious problems that are caused by deterioration, neutralized corrosion and salt damage of the concrete structure. As one of material using RAPHA system, RAPHAHCON is the inorganic mortar for repairing & reinforcing concrete on the cross section. It is the one-type mortar that is easy to use the spray construction just simply adding only the water. RAPHAH system is inorganic repair and reinforces method for the deteriorated concrete constructions, using not only physical organic repairing process which improve durability but chemical solutions including alkalinity recovery inside of concrete and restrain activity of chloride ion inherent in concrete.

Concrete-repairing-methodWith the use of RAPHAH system, it is possible to conduct the fundamental repairing for having similar structural behavior and lifespan with parent structure. The system ensures outstanding compressive / bending strength applied advanced inorganic repair & reinforcement technology to maximize durability and adhesive property. It can be executed on humid surfaces and huge surface easily. It assures saving of total cost and of labor work with specified RAPHAH materials and execution process. The application of the system include side of concrete construction with corrosion iron bar, side of concrete construction cracked and cut deep, and surface of concrete structure impacted by neutralization, sea wind and chlorosis. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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