HANARO Eng. is experienced and familiar with eco-friendly Incineration equipment and plant construction business to enable both cost saving and maximized combustion efficiency. the recognition of high technology and reliability, Hanaro Incinerator was installed in the Sejong Research Base at the South Pole in 2011 and is expanding their products to global market such as China, Vietnam, Guatemala, and Sri Lanka.

With the 31 years of accumulated technologies, the company produces the best quality products (medical incinerators, animal/poultry incinerators, general incinerators and large incineration plant) with perfect quality control.

Incinerators All incinerators can be operated safely in any bad environmental conditions with the optimized design, standardization of parts and best quality product with the help of accumulated technology and experience. Products protect green environment and save 80% of energy efficiency due to perfect combustion, no smoke, no smell and no color by high-tech combustion technical method.

All of its current various models were specially designed to remove the corrosion of equipment by waste gas and high temperature and has good endurance due to using of high quality material. They can maintain the clean environment and reduce the cost of consignment disposal and goods to reduce the energy consumption because it uses the waste as fuel. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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