Medical portable isolator

[INQ. NO. 1510M03] In hospitals, the Medical Portable Isolator is mainly installed a as a facility and is operated in the form of an isolation room. As some hospitals did not have such facility or organic operation of the space came to be needed depending on the situation, the portable Isolator was required. In the case of regions or countries where the facility of the hospital is comparatively retarded, the need for the portable Isolator is greater. The Isolator developed by Class One is portable, and the know-how accumulated in the medical and clean facility areas is installed additionally in the Isolator. Pass box is the equipment generally applied to the manufacturing facilities, but its function was not installed in the medical Isolator. However, the maker has installed this function in its portable Isolator. Therefore, carrying in/out of medical devices and medicine required in the equipment and maintenance of the internal cleanliness has become smoother.

Medical-portable-isolator By applying the structure for one side of the surface of a wall to be opened upward and folded, the entrance/exit of patients and beds was facilitated. The upper operational part equipped with the glove is tilted to the inside. Access to the patient is easier, and more detailed medical treatment can be implemented.

By improving the internal air flow, which was difficult to improve due to the structural limitation of the existing portable Isolator, with the application of the modular method, the management of the internal cleanliness has been improved.

The Isolator itself is equipped with the electrocardiogram monitor, and it is possible to check the information of the patient’s condition remotely by applying the newest telecommunication technology. The prototype is completed, and the company is in the process of patent application. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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