Telecommunication rack & cabinet

[INQ. NO. 1510M02] Since its inception JIT Systems has continuously been growing by exceeding its sales targets each year. The company has earned trust and confidence from its customers through the corporate policy of ‘honesty, trustworthiness, passion,’ and the company’s continuous R&D and ceaseless efforts have laid the groundwork for the company to become a specialist in essential devices for the IT industry. The company’s e-hub rack is most prominent among what the company produces now. This rack’s innovative eco-design is to make the office different from the original rectangular shape’s rigid feel. It is a light weight and is reduced at the material cost using a plastic material. The eco-friendly rack that can be assembled on-site saves logistics costs as well. Complying with international standards it is basically used for routers, hubs, switches, etc. with requirement of limited space. It is convenient to install and carry due to its light weight. Considering the surrounding environment, eco-friendly plastic material is used for the product. Regions of Australasia, North America, and Asia are current hot destinations of its products.

Telecommunication-rack-&-cabinet The company’s J2000 cabinet is also a highly competitive product leading the move of the company toward the global market with many advantages. It has a rounded design considering the appearance and heat discharge, and the rear can be designed to have dual doors. The heat circulation function for equipment overheating has been improved, and the mount frame can be adjusted depending on the length of the equipment. Customized-design is also available. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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