Automotive brake components

[INQ. NO. 1510M35] Sangsin Brake has specialized in producing friction materials for automotive brakes over the past 41 years. As a leading maker of automotive brakes, the firm supplies assembly parts to local automakers like Hyundai-Kia, GM Daewoo, Renault Samsung, Ssangyong, etc. as a type of OEM. Now this company is showing steady growth in foreign markets, largely due to the establishment of local factories in China and recent brisk exports of its flagship brake pad manufacturing technology to the Indian market. There is an advanced brake pad Hardron behind the company’s active global moves. The market-leading brake pad brand’s competency comes from its creative manufacturing process by which any possibility of generation of noise and black dust – a defect of brake friction materials – are fundamentally removed. This product makes it easier for users to keep their cars’ brakes silent and wheels clean. Maximized safety in even the worst driving conditions in the rainy and snowy weather is guaranteed by maintaining a high coefficient of friction.

Automotive-brake-components The company’s brake shoe assembly has superior technical ability and safety compared with those of competitors, requiring precise manufacturing techniques due to its process of combining brake shoes and brake linings. And the maker also has a perfect production system for its brake assembly. It manufactures brake assemblies using its premier technologies. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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