Automotive heat exchanger

[INQ. NO. 1510M34] The automotive heat exchanger from 3A Clizen, a specialist manufacturer of highquality and strong automotive A/C compressor parts and vehicle heat exchangers, comprises an automotive condenser, heater, radiator, and evaporator. The company has developed automotive condensers, which are installed in the front of the Engine, cooling and converting the hightemperature and high-pressure A/C refrigerant vapor coming out of the compressor into liquid refrigerant, to ensure lightweight, miniaturization and high performance, and now it professionally manufactures 16mm widths of condenser.

Automotive-heat-exchanger company’s automotive heater core is a heat exchanger that increases the temperature of the automotive interior by exchanging heat. It increases and optimizes the temperature using heat exchange between the tubes and fins when cool water heated in the engine is circulated through the heater core.

The automotive radiator cools hot water from the engine and then circulates the cooled water through the engine, helping keep the engine operating at the appropriate temperature level. 3A Clizen is currently well-known as a technically innovative company (INNO-BIZ) after being classified as a high technology venture business by the government. 3A Clizen’s environmentally friendly manufacturing system can provide valuable customers with everything ranging from OEM products to OES and aftermarket replacement for original components. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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