Industrial molds items

Products selected by Gyeongsangnam-do

[INQ. NO. 1510M23] Established in 1990, Jinsung has been specialized in making various kinds of industrial molds especially for local companies and become LG Electronics partner in 1991. Jinsung produces molds for air conditioner, refrigerator, cook facilities, washing machines, TVs, copy machines, automobiles, micro wave oven range, etc. Jinsung’s advanced products are gaining good popularity in global markets, especially in India, Russia, Poland, and Mexico. In such nations, Jinsung carried out its good missions as LG partner. For higher quality products, Jinsung hold and operates latest equipment including machining centers, milling M/C, lathe center, radial drilling M/C, etc.

Industrial-molds-items For air conditioner, Jinsung produces various kinds of part products – grill panel, packing –r, packing-l, packing base, base packing, etc. And also, for refrigerator, such many kinds of part products as barrier insulation –c, barrier insulation –l, barrier insulation –u, duct insulation –t, duct insulation – b, etc. are being manufactured by the company. For automobile, automotive mold part products – cover, handle, floor under box, floor carpet floor, seat PAD, door hinge fender, etc. are briskly being manufactured. Through vigorously maintaining global partners in India, Russia, Poland, Mexico, etc., Jinsung aims to become a company that could exert market power in the regions, based on leading quality of its products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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