Shaft assembly

Products selected by Gyeongsangnam-do

[INQ. NO. 1510M24] Changwon Technology Precision Machinery is a system company specialized in design, processing and assembly of precision machine parts/precision casting. Furthermore, the company, specialized in the defense industry sector, has contributed to enhancing the national defense buildup for the past two decades.

Shaft-assembly It has been involved, directly or indirectly, in the development and mass production of not only large machine tool parts and small precision machine parts but also various special military vehicles, tracked vehicles and general defense (army/air force/ navy) products. And in the process of such development, it has learned and acquired a variety of technical know-how. On the basis of this, it has become a manufacturer of specialized mechanical parts enabling an endemic total system.

The company’s shaft assembly is manufactured to be adopted to prevent deviation of vehicle’s caterpillar and requires forming technology for precision casting, heat treatment and precision machining technology. Quality was proved through pass of official reorganization test. Weighing 89.3 kg, it features 243 * 185 * 146 in size. The maker’s LED-type composite tail light assembly is being developed as a prototype conforming to MIL-PRF-32212 so that it can be mounted onto general military ground vehicles and tracked vehicles; LED-type, more durable than conventional rear composite lamp; development of prototype completed and evaluation of its performance now under way with the goal of mass production scheduled for 2016. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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