New concept of composite panel, Alcopanel

[INQ. NO. 1511M09] Ever since its establishment in 1990, Alcopanel has been professionally engaged in developing and manufacturing of aluminum composite panels, general composite panels that use zinc, copper, and stainless steel. Its products are supplied to both the local market and 40 countries overseas, growing into a leading company that leads the building materials industry. Alcopanel is highly recommended for external wall cladding for buildings and it has been used in marine and automobile industries. It is also ideal for interior finishing design requirements. It will further devote itself to providing even better value for its customers. With an extension of composite panel new line in Eumseong factory in 2002 and the facility expansion for the production of the flame retardant compound by itself, Alcopanel has been providing higher quality of products to customers with highly competitive prices as a specialized company of building materials. Alcopanel always supplies topquality solutions for the cost the customers pay, not deluding the customers in any case with a customer-oriented heart, but only with dedication to create products of the highest quality using the latest technology and strict quality control.

New-concept-of-composite-panel,-Alcopanel | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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