Cooling tower

[INQ. NO. 1511M01] Established in 1975, Kyungin Machinery has made steady strides in technical level and company scale. During the past 39 years, the company has professionally supplied various types of cooling towers for over 5,000 projects.

Its efforts, including investment in R&D, enabled the company to get 36 patents registered and obtained various licenses and qualifications at home and abroad, including CTI certifications for its EX/MEX tower lines and CKL-closed circuit towers. Cooling towers for industrial purpose need higher technology based on more experience for their capacity and operating time. KIMCO KCL series from the company, the industrial counter flow cooling tower, is reliable and efficient in both fields of design and performance.


With accumulated technology and know-how for almost 40 years, KIMCO offers upgraded thermal calculation, design, manufacturing and erection of cooling towers.It has comparatively higher performances than its cross-flow counterpart in case of large capacity towers. Precisely formed PVC fill ensures high quality.KIMCO offers smaller spaces, prompt installation, and less cost. KIMCO guarantees minimized recirculation, due to improved designed fan and fan stack. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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