Sealing System

[INQ. NO. 2011M03] SJ TECH Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, and has been manufacturing the seals for oil cylinders and pneumatic pressure cylinders.
All products of SJ TECH are tested according to the ISO certification standards and QS quality management system before they are delivered to customers.
The Seals Business Division of SJ TECH has been making a huge investment in R&D to develop patented high-performance seals for all types of construction machines.
SJ TECH is supplying its products to prominent global companies, including Volvo, Doosan, Hyundai Construction, and Parker Hannifin (a heavy equipment company).
SJ TECH’s sealing system includes piston seal, dust seal, rod seal, buffer seal, wear ring, DU bush, o-ring, rotary seal (low friction), etc.

Battery Pack & BMS
SJ TECH Co., Ltd. provides various types of battery solutions for automobiles and ESS through its in-house, one-stop R&D solution.
SJ TECH’s E-Mobility Business Division manufactures battery packs for large companies (such as Yakult (8,000 or more electric carts) and Yamaha (20,000 or more units)), lightweight automobiles and golf carts. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Grease Spray[INQ. NO. 2009M02] L-520 with long-lasting effect and strong stickiness, but without dustability, is a liquid type transparent grease with powerful waterproofness, and long-lasting lubricity, corrosion inhibition effect, outstanding noise prevention effect, and excellent adhesiveness.
It is thus being safely and steadily used as a special lubricant in areas where noise, impact, high pressure steam, and hot/cold water become a problem.
The foldable nozzle in stainless steel eliminates any concerns and provides efficient handling in a narrow unreachable space. This product has high resistance to extreme pressure, high viscosity, and high resistance to abrasion. This product’s volume is 550ml and one box contains 20 cans.
FILLTECH AEROSOL is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility as a company by extending its sales volume and expanding employment through customer satisfaction. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Micro-Compact Electric Vehicle[INQ. NO. 1805M23] Daechang Motors’s DANIGO is Korea’s flagship micro-compact, two-passenger electric vehicle model with a length of 2.32meters and a width of 1.2meter.
It weighs 430 kg including battery (7.25 kWh). As for fuel efficiency, it can travel at a maximum speed of 80 km/h and up to 100 km distance on a full charge. In case of driving 30km per day for one year, it can save electricity costs by about KRW 76,000. The mileage on a single charge and power rates can vary depending on driving habits and road conditions.
DANIGO can be charged with a 220V household outlet or a slow charger, and it is the first micro compact electric vehicle to be equipped with a rear camera to ensure safety when backing up or parking. It is also equipped with an air conditioner and heater featuring optimum energy efficiency as well as red lamps that are efficient and bright. A roof rack can be installed separately with an optional loop carrier available. DANIGO has received driving certification from Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MoLIT) and signed a supply contract with the American Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

IONIQ Hybrid

Efficiently combining the driving power of a gasoline engine and an electric motor

[INQ. NO. 1707M29] IONIQ is where the future of mobility begins. With the world’s first line-up of hybrid, all-electric and plug-in hybrid variants, IONIQ brings you an all-new energy experience that matches your lifestyle.
Since the release of the 2016 IONIQ Hybrid and Electric, over 10,000 drivers have pioneered changes in daily living through the innovative energy of their IONIQs. Drive the IONIQ of your choice today, whether Hybrid, Electric, or Plug-in Hybrid, and experience a new lifestyle—the kind only electric energy, not a traditional internal combustion engine, offers.

IONIQ Hybrid travels 1,000km on a single tank

Efficiently combining the driving power of a gasoline engine and an electric motor, the hybrid model is equipped with an easily accessible next-generation powertrain. Not only highly efficient, the IONIQ Hybrid also provides sporty driving sensibilities through a multi-link suspension system and hybrid-specialized DCT. Relax and enjoy the thrill of dynamic driving blended with the impressive efficiency of electric energy.

The headlining for the rear seats has been improved for more spacious and comfortable seating. What’s more, the use of eco-friendly materials for the headlining, door trim panels, and other parts not only creates pleasing surfaces and textures, but also reduces unpleasant odors from the interior, creating a pure and clean experience.

The auxiliary battery has been removed and integrated into the high-voltage lithium-ion battery, creating more trunk space. Plus, the folding rear seatbacks allow multiple larger items such as a bicycle or a stroller to be stowed, making life more convenient.

IONIQ’s sleek exterior, coupled with an active air flap system, wheel air curtains, and other aerodynamic features, results in high fuel efficiency. Plus, the ECO-DAS system and the Driver Only climate control zone optimize energy use.

– Active Air Flap (external type): Through intelligent control of the air that flows into the radiator grille, the active air flap minimizes drag, while enhancing aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.
– 15-Inch Two-Tone Aero Wheel Covers & Michelin Tires: IONIQ’s low rolling resistance tires, specially designed in collaboration with Michelin, the global leader in tire technology, minimize running resistance and enhance fuel efficiency.
– Driver Only Climate Control: This allows control over the HVAC system for the driver’s seat only, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption and enhancing fuel efficiency.
– ECO-DAS (Driving Assistant System): Once the navigation system loaded with high-precision map data predicts a traffic slowdown, ECO-DAS informs the driver when to release the accelerator, thereby helping reduce unnecessary fuel consumption. Moreover, by predicting uphill and downhill slopes and by pre-charging or pre-discharging the battery accordingly, ECO-DAS maximizes battery use.

The low center of gravity design makes for stable driving, just as the multi-link rear suspension system enables the driver to enjoy dynamic handling. Experience the joy of next-generation driving delivered by our dedicated hybrid engine (Kappa 1.6 GDi) and DCT as well as the electric motor.

Multi-Link Rear Suspension System
The low center of gravity body, along with the multi-link rear suspension system, allows for stable and quick handling even around sharp corners, in addition to a stable ride and good traction on rough roads.

Dedicated Hybrid DCT
Optimized for the attributes of the engine and electric motor, our dedicated hybrid DCT has been newly developed to maximize the joy of driving while improving fuel efficiency through its characteristic quick shifting. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

The Reliable Partner for Roofing Solutions

[INQ. NO. 1611M03]With quality as its masthead, Roser stands out in the world. Mediocrity is not a term that Roser understands. Over the past several years, the QC team of Roser worked to acquire ISO9001 certification to enhance its other already impressive qualifications. From initial meetings with Roser to the completion of the job, Roser is a constant companion to ensure that its customers receive competent and thorough service.

Through ceaseless effort and meticulous work, Roser developed its brilliant technology for the benefit of its clients. Roser’s Stone-coated Steel Roof is made of high quality Al-Zn alloy steel which is coated with high standard roofing stone granules. It has great long-term corrosion resistance in addition to an incredibly lightweight. It protects against various kinds of weather for people’s safety and comfort. Moreover, a wide selection of colors is available to suit its customers’ every need.


4 Premium Products that Can Enhance the Look of Roof with Elegant Design and Great Color Range

Roman Classic offers a unique and distinctively beautiful roof for modern nobility like you and your family. Roman Classic, an elegant, romantic Mediterranean-style stonecoated steel roof, provides the aesthetic grace of the highest quality European tile combined with the distinguished merits of stone-coated steel roof. It creates the concept of a noble stone-coated steel roof.

Cleo is an elegant and romantic Mediterranean-style stone coated steel roof with a classic taste. Its classic aesthetic appeal and its unique coloration displayed a perfect harmony with the environment that will draw admiration from all homeowners.

With the beautifully finished two-tone color touch, StoneWood Shake adds premium wood grain design to your house. Stone Wood Shake is a world famous, unbelievably light-weight roofing system that can enhance the look of your roof with its elegant design and great color range.

StoneWood shake is designed and manufactured to withstand many kinds of severe weather such as extremely hot and cold temperature, strong wind, and heavy rain. The granulated stone clips on the surface give additional beauty and weather protection to your roof.

Piano Shingle is graceful roofing that adds a distinctive elegance and unique appeal to stylish homes with its bold surface appearance to give you the dimensional effect.

Piano Shingle has the heart of steel and an appearance that can blend naturally with all surrounding environment.

Unlike others, Piano Shingle has a unique double side overlapping advantage that fits perfectly for easy installation and less wastage of material. Piano Shingle comes with a wide range of rich colors to match your color preference for an ideal roof.

201611mm_page_19_06 | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Hyundai Motor to launch luxury Genesis brand in Europe and China in 2-3 yrs

Hyundai Motor’s losing its presence on both domestic and overseas turf is gearing up to test out its premium Genesis brand in Europe and China within the next two to three years.

The world’s fi fth largest automaker said recently that it was ready to launch the Genesis brand that is now available in Korea and the United States in Europe and China “within a few years” during G80 Sport sedan test drive event in western Seoul.

Industry watchers believe the Genesis brand will stretch out to China, the world’s largest auto market, and Europe, home to traditional luxury powerhouses, when its lineup becomes full-spec with choices in compact sedans and sport utility vehicle model.

The European and Chinese markets pose trickier challenge for Hyundai Motor.

Europe is home to the world’s renowned premium carmakers, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.

China is the world’s biggest auto market with its demand in luxury cars topping 2 million units annually, surpassing that of the United States. German carmakers including Mercedes-Benz and BMW dominate the luxury car market in China with a combined 80 percent share.

Turning one this month, Genesis in its fl agship sedan EQ900 (also known as G90 in the U.S.) that fi rst hit the market December last year sold 21,895 units as of the end of October. The follow-up G80 released in July sold 13,284 units over the past four months. The two luxury sedans drove up Hyundai’s market share up to 46.6 percent in the Korean luxury car market in the January – September period this year.

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Highly Functional Handles for Windows with Luxurious Design

[INQ. NO. 1611M04]Aceinnotech is a company specialized in hardware for windows with approximately 30 years of tradition. It produces hardware that forms a ‘window,’ such as autolock handle, roller for window and keeper, which are basic and fundamental to safety of our spaces. Aceinnotech has competence in price and product quality in the field of hardware for windows in Korea. And it also develops customized products according to customers’ needs.

As results of having reinforced its competence through investment in people, operation of a technology research center and securing professional designers, Aceinnotech has won various awards such as the Presidential award for the National Quality Cycle Contest, the Prime Minister’s award for small and medium-sized businesses innovation contest and excellence award for Good Design Handle for Window and Door. With continuous research and development, Aceinnotech has registered 13 patents, 15 utility models and 20 new designs.
Products Incorporating the Company’s Motto, ‘Human Focus,’ ‘Customer Impression,’ and ‘Technological Innovation’

ALH-380 is a handle that locks and releases automatically for sliding windows when closing 201611mm_page_20_15and opening. It is easy to install so that it can be easily used for closing and opening windows. The security function has been upgraded with lock function effectively improved, better than the existing lock device, crescent.

Without left or right, it is simply built with easy installation. Having taken ‘comma’ as its design motif, the feeling of smooth grip has been realized while durability tests have been completed through 50,000 times of opening and closing. It can be used and selected practically for various windows such as balconies and small windows. It comes in silver, dark gray and white.

ALH-115 is an another handle that locks and releases automatically.201611mm_page_20_03
Based on solid quality, it is easy to install it as mount or lever integral product. A durability test has been completed as well through 50,000 times of opening and closing. With relatively small handle size, compared with other products, the feeling of comfortable grip has been achieved. It can be used and selected practically for various windows such as balconies and small windows. It comes in silver, dark gray and gold.

201611mm_page_20_10ASP-021A is a roller for windows, which facilitates their movement when opening or closing. It endures high-load with very low noise so it is useful for long-term use. The durability test has been completed with 100,000 repetitions of opening and closing tests. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Engine parts for various automobiles [INQ. NO. 1610M25] Autonix Korea, established in 1992 in Seoul, has gained customers’ approval by applying its own management system after selecting reliable used cars and used parts based on 24 years of experience and career.

This allows the company to continue doing business with companies in Ghana, Jordan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameron, and Malaysia.

Autonix Korea is a company specialized in export, exporting used cars, used engines, used automobile parts, other used products, etc.

It has a variety of used cars, engines, and auto parts like Avante, Santa Fe and Starex of HYUNDAI, Matiz and Tosca of GM, Morning, Sorento and Optima of KIA, SM series of SAMSUNG, Lexton of SSANGYONG, etc. It manages all products using skilled know-how and its own management system.

Since it selects and manages all products strictly, customers can purchase reliable and reasonable products.
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High-precision reducer

[INQ. NO. 1603M27]  SEJINiGB provides advanced engineering solutions for highly precise and stiffer linear and rotary transmissions. With rich experience of development and manufacturing of its flagship products, it aims to ceaselessly satisfy customers’ companies.

For this year’s overseas potential buyers, it especially arranged its two current major series – Xeno-Quadro Power Series (PQ,PH), Clean Rack Pinion (CRP Series). The former features high precision, high stiffness, compact and wide reduction range. The latter has capacities of high speed (10m/s), high precision, and no accumulated error, with characteristics of a high-precision, linear-transmission system.


Established in 2000, it has grown into a company that records annual sales of $2,800,000 as of last year. It also makes export amount of $294,753 in the same year, broadening its market presence more. In 2001, it applied global patents for its high precision planocentric gearbox. It succeeded in developing 32 axis humanoid robot (Igboy), gaining considerable response from the local market. From its early stage of its business, it stressed participating in exhibitions both domestically and overseas. In particular, this participation of Hannover Messe 2015 will mark its third footstep, following its previous stages in 2007 and 2015, respectively. It was determined to use this fair as a place through which it can obtain successful business outcomes with potential partners. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Electric walkie stacker[INQ. NO. 1603M21]  
Established in 1999, Taejin Eng. has grown into a major manufacturer in the area of tool storage systems, clamping tools, and material handling equipment, all of which are useful for improvement of working efficiency and utilization of working space.

TWSR1300 has a Curtis AC controller, so it enables excellent fine- motion of drive control and efficient radiation of heat during operating, and also minimizes vibration and noise. The built-in highly efficient AC control system allows low power consumption and economic battery use – the cost of battery changes is reduced. Low maintenance cost is possible because there is no need to change brush and repair commutators for the AC motor, it can save USD500~1000 in a year, compared to a DC motor. With regenerative braking function, it helps maximization of energy efficiency by transferring  generated energy into battery when braking.

Automatic deceleration is possible before complete stop – when the lever is in neutral while moving forward or backward, it automatically decelerates until it stops. The application of shock-absorbing reach cylinder enables minimization of shaking between the truck and goods for stability of operation. As the belly switch is located on the tiller head, it makes an emergency stop after one step moving forward to avoid a jamming accident. The anti-rollback system is built-in, so the controller generates reverse torque to prevent backward slipping on a slope. Moreover, automatic deceleration is possible while cornering. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods