Roofing systems

[INQ. NO. 1511M04] Dongyang Industrial Machines specializing in construction materials manufacturing machinery has a selfdeveloped product called “Metal roofing tile” that has been gaining a high reputation for excellence both in Korea and overseas.“DS roofing systems” is the company’s division of “Stone coated Metal Roofing tile” and was born by developing a fully automatic stone coating line on the basis of the company’s experience in the manufacture of Dongyang Industrial Machine’s Metal roofing tile forming machine, which has enabled the full-scale production of stone-coated roof-tiles.

DS Roofing System is composed of several layers of fine materials pressed into different profiles then sealed with the company’s exclusive polymer coating. Ceramic-coated Italian stone chips resist fading and UV penetration. DS roofing products are lightweight, yet extremely durable and trouble-free. With the fire resistance, DS roofing panels are non-combustible and safe from exposure to airborne burning cinders (certified nonflammable by Japanese Government). Thanks to its attractive appearance, DS roofing has a premium presentation to satisfy the most discriminating homeowners.

Roofing-systemsEquipped with a wind resistance features, the interlocking panel system offers extraordinary resistance to wind uplift, withstanding wind speeds of up to 145 mph (64 m/s). Established in 1985, Dongyang Industrial Machines’ products were exported to 15 nations as of last year, meaning its global market presence is following a stable orbit of growth. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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