Shade net

[INQ. NO. 1511M03] Daeyang manufactures a broad range of polyethylene- treated fabrics for a list of industrial applications, with 6,000 tons of annual production capacity. With all of its ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities, the fabrics maker ensures world-class quality of products. Thanks to the invention of shade net, the form can control the density of light and shade that falls on plants. Just as with people, it is the UV light that burns plants.
1.PNGThe shade net, without having much effect on the wavelength required for growth, rather significantly affects the UV light transmitted. Excessive exposure to the sunrays also constitutes one of the greatest risk factors to the customer’s crops. Failures in taking the right can result in damaged crops and severe financial losses.
With the accumulated experience over the past 41 years in developing, manufacturing and exporting of PE nets to over 30 nations worldwide, the company further plans to supply more upgraded high-performance technical nets for many agricultural and other related industrial applications for its worldwide customers, while also strongly establishing partnerships with the global net distributors. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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