Automated material processing machines

[INQ. NO. 1512M20] SIS is a specialized company for automation equipment. Since the launch of its business with a system project in 2004, SIS has been developing new technologies for systems that will lead the new millennium through cooperation with leading overseas companies to be a competent global leader in the level of technology and quality.
Even now, it is giving its very best to develop new technologies with customer satisfaction being its first priority. It is confident to be a reliable partner that is able to conduct turnkey projects successfully through its expertise and vast experience in machine and system design, fabricating and commissioning. It is ready to provide its advanced technology system to meet clients’ desired outcomes.
SIS provides automated material processing machines for cutting, welding, cladding, etc. by various power sources like laser, electric, mechanic, along with automated handling systems. Especially, it has advanced technology in laser application like laser welding and cutting by robot and gantry.
These are recognized as reliable machines by customers in various industrial markets. Furthermore, the company also provides an exact and accurate vision system that can inspect product quality and can monitor processing with dedicated programs. SIS provides quick and specialized product care service globally through a service center which is located in each country. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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