Bonding system

[INQ. NO. 1512M21] SAT has developed the best technical skill and experiences in Korea as a company specialized in the module process equipment for FPD since it was founded in 2003. SAT can meet the customers’ needs all the time through the OLED, next generation displays, etc. On the basis of its own specialties, it has continuously grown to become a global leading company. In addition, SAT has quite a number of major domestic and overseas customers.
SAT’s bonding system designed for making display panels such as LCD, PDP, OLED, etc. is mainly used for the bonding process of the driving part (Drive
Circuit) in the LCD module manufacturing process. Through this equipment, users can attach the COG/TAB/FOG/PCB to the panel using ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Film).
The Inspection System is the equipment that receives the images through a high-resolution microscope, and then checks if the COF or the IC is attached normally. SAT guarantees the excellent quality with reasonable design and advanced technical skills and responds to customers’ needs promptly based on high precision and reliability. You can use the equipment easily with simple maintenance. SAT has provided the best design and follow-up service considering the attractive appearance and safe operation.

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