Ballast system

[INQ. NO. 1512M31] Since starting a business in marine equipment industry in 1989, HANLA IMS has supplied reliable products to customers for over 26 years. Based on such experience, Loading Computer, Tank Monitoring System, Valve Remote Control System, Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS), LED Lighting have been developed by our own technologies and we have been continuously advancing to become the best company in this fi eld. Hanla IMS Co., Ltd. has developed the eco-friendly EcoGuardian™
system for treating Aquatic Invasive Species in a ship’s ballast water. The treatment method is a side-stream of the electrolysis type, which enables the system to be remotely installed away from the ballast lines. EcoGuardian™ consists of four main units: Automatic Filter Unit, Electro Chlorination Unit, Neutralization Unit and Main Control Panel. So it can be installed easily with low cost even in retrofi t. In some cases if needed, its system can be seated on the skid mount or containerized for easy transportation and installation. Furthermore, EcoGuardian™ system has many advantages: simple & easy installation; minimum modifi cation of existing ballasting main lines; eff ective even in the turbid water; no corrosion to hulls & piping; no stock of dangerous chemicals; cost-eff ectiveness by Hanla package solution; eff ective disinfection; and low maintenance.

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