Wiring harness parts

[INQ. NO. 1512M32] Hyundae Corporation has accumulated remarkable technical know-how through continuous technical development and qualityhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry improvement, cultivating promising markets since its foundation. In addition, it has consistently invested in establishing the latest production facilities and developing new materials. To become the best company specialized in rubber parts, Hyundae Corporation has committ ed itself to advance the manufacturing technologies and inspection processes with entering into a technical partnership with the leading components companies and made its best eff orts to fi nd new
overseas markets. In return for customers’ high praise and support, all employees of Hyundae Corporation made a commitment to become a company that can create the enterprise value and is not afraid of changes. Wiring harness parts from the company are the waterproof rubber components embedded in the electrical assembly for cars, which protect cables and block the external foreign substances. They feature ozone resistance, water resistance, staining resistance and discoloring resistance. Grommet products are the best examples. Fuel parts are embedded in the fuel tanks and fi ltering equipment to keep air tightness of gas, oil and vapor coming in and out. For example, there are an O-ring, packing, seal, gasket, etc. Sustainable parts are applied to eco-friendly vehicles(EA/EV/HEV/PHEV/FC). For example, there are INR seal, cap, wire seal, clip F/Tube, etc. with high voltage-resistance and abrasion Resistance.


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