Automotive air-conditioning parts

30[INQ. NO. 1601M58] Wheel Corp. has ever since its establishment in 1984 differentiated itself not only as professional maker of various types of automotive air-conditioning parts including ferrules, mufflers, etc., but also as specialty producer of construction plumbing materials like copper clamp rings, etc., on the basis of its long-accumulated state-of-the-art technology. internationally patented ferrule and muffler employ pipes in manufacturing process, which means they feature superior quality compared with other existing similar automotive parts.

31With the effective production system, Wheel Corp. supplies all of its flagship items including ferrule to customers with 30 percent cheaper prices than its competitors as most of its items are made using adventurous techniques – low loss of materials (3percent), simple production processes (three processes), and relatively low defect ratio (below 3ppm).

The muffler manufacturing can meet various scales of demands with the firm’s mass-production system. Wheel Corp’s two export mainstays, ferrules and mufflers, are still gathering global customers especially in China, Thailand, Iran, and India. Other hopeful trading destinations include the USA, Canada, Japan, and European countries are targeted by the company with strong potential. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods


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