Automotive brake parts

[INQ. NO. 1601M59] Founded in 1982, Samsung Brake has grown into a leading company in the industry of automobile, industries & railways vehicle friction brake parts; not only manufacturing, but also trading.

Based on 32 years of expertise and experience, it has developed and produced the most extensive range of brake parts. Quality assurance and product reliability are its strengths and its has gained a favorable response from the markets under the Quality Assurance System.

Samsung Brake is to develop high-quality products that fulfill performance and environmental requirements. Samsung Brake products guarantee Maximum safety, Noble and Elegant brake feeling even under the worst driving conditions. Also Samsung Brake’s goods have silent brake sound and clean wheel control complemented by innovation of noise and black dust at the basic defects of brake friction material.

Samsung Brake manufactures a wide range of automotive brake parts – disc brake pad, brake shoe assembly, and brake lining for bus and truck – which are made using the most advanced raw materials, fibers and etc. Samsung Brake delivers high-performance braking and long life non-asbestos products to the truck and bus driver. Samsung Brake has the widest spectrum of brake linings for covering all possible applications.

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