‘MODU’ Marine Waste Crusher

[INQ. NO. 1603M37]  https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySUNGMOON, specializes in manufacturing marine and offshore waste disposal products, and during the years, has been delivering the goods to Hyundai Heavy industries, Wartsila Hyundai Engine, STX engine, and other major shipbuilding and engine companies in the world. Recently, SUNGMOON launched a brand named ‘MODU’ as part of the marine environment management project, and developed a marine waste crusher on its own as the first product of its kind.

According to a completely revised IMO MARPOL ANNEX V (Prevention of pollution by garbage from ships), the discharge of marine waste from ships is completely prohibited except in some conditions. Consequently, as it is inevitable to unload generated waste, additional problems occur such as lack of waste loading space and unloading cost.

SUNGMOON’s marine waste crusher ‘MODU’ can solve those problems all at once. As this product was designed by taking into account the voltage tailored to the ship environment, crushable materials, size, etc., the volume of various wastes generated from ships can be effectively reduced by only one model compared to the other crushers. In addition, the crusher has an automated recovery function that can protect the cutter and motor from any damage at the overload, so it guarantees the longer life time. As of now, SUNGMOON completed the supply contracts of this crusher with major shipbuilding companies and marine companies at home and abroad, and will also release additional marine environment related product lines.

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