Polypreg foam

[INQ. NO. 1603M36]  https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDMIT Co., Ltd., as a company specializing in manufacturing flexible complex non-combustible polyurethane foam, Polypreg Foam, is being acknowledged as a competitive company with independent technology and excellent quality in the shipbuilding/marine industrial sector. With continuous technology development and collaboration with related industries, DMIT has been broadening its product application to not just the shipbuilding/marine sector but also to automobiles/heavy equipment/trains as well as aircraft and general buildings.

Untitled-74“Polypreg Foam” prevents flame spread in case of fire, and ensures low smoke density and very little toxic gas emission, with a high limiting oxygen index (≥35). This feature means that it is able to provide the absolute non-combustible that meets the stringent flame-retardant standards. Thus, it is a product ensuring excellent heat insulation and sound-acoustic and sound-absorption performance. Polypreg Foam can be reused and reproduced, unlike the existing mineral insulation, which requires glass and living rocks and should be disposed of in the form of area reclamation, can be used as a substitute of the existing mineral insulation materials – glass wool and mineral wool used as materials for building and general industry. The polyurethane  forming foam is free from any disadvantageous aspects of the existing flexible polyurethane foam had including risk of fire and fast oxidation. DMIT is seeking opportunities to advance into potential overseas markets, especially for markets where construction of top-level buildings is currently active.

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