Polyethylene floating platforms


[INQ. NO. 1603M40] Huksin Co., Ltd, based in South Jeolla Province, is a specialized company in leisure facilities that manufactures and installs floating piers and marina-facility components, and it is a unique company that directly manufactures and installs the products related to marinas through ceaseless technical development and quality improvement. Importantly, it is leading the
trend of the ocean industry and leisure culture through installation of the floating piers available personally, as well as the complex and multi-functional floating piers that can be used as a yacht mooring facility and the vessel mooring facility, and also as the river or sea fishing facility.

The HS pontoon floating pier and the complex and multi-functional PE floating pier have been verified for their functional superiority through the certification of excellent procurement products. Huksin is advancing the development of the domestic marina industry and marine tourism industry through the use of local products.

The outstanding feature of Huksin’s polyethylene floating platform is that the main buoyant member (pipe) and the auxiliary pipes on both sides are inserted parallel into the square-shaped bracket, which reduces rolling of the floating pier for the users to use safely. In addition, the users can use this facility conveniently as the fender is in the convexo-concave form (‘凹’ form), the bolt head is inserted into the concave part, which prevents the bolt head from damaging the mooring vessels and becomin in the net.

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