Pushpull doorlock


[INQ. NO. 1603M16] The Pushpull System is a company specializing in door-lock systems that won the gold prize at the 2013 Korea Pat-Patent Show, and was awarded two gold prizes as well as two more special prizes at the 2014 Moscow International New Technology Show. It was also awarded the Gold Prize including three special prizes, and was awarded Gold and Special prizes at the Pitt sburg Show for the evolutionary and innovative top-designed Pushpull door-lock system.
Pushpull System’s push pull door-lock is a revolutionary mechanical door lock: unlike the existing cylindrical or lever door lock, it does not need two motions, pushing or pulling after grabbing a hold of it and turning; without using a hand you can open the door lock by a single motion, pushing or pulling by using a part of your body. Meanwhile, the existing door-lock, due to the fact you have to grab a hold to use it, has a restriction on the physical size of the knob.


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