Digital UV inkjet press

Technology overview: Offset, Flexo, etc., the existing typical printing methods, are the analog printing method requiring the process of more than 10 steps in order to acquire the desired results. For example, after plating the color separation film by color, the experienced experts have to adjust the alignment of each color plate. However, with the UV inkjet press developed and industrialized by DILI Corporative Company, you can check the result immediately after having inputted the digital file, also can enjoy the cost-saving effect, along with the fast output speed, through variable data processing, eco-friendly printing environment, and process simplification which were impossible in the existing analogue printing. In order to realize the digital UV inkjet press like this, DILI has developed the inkjet control technology which forms the image by controlling individually the injection amount of thousands of inkjet nozzles with the level of pico liter (a trillionth liter) on the media transferred with high speed of 50 meters per minute, the high-power UV curing system which cures the injected ink, the output bed optimization technology, the high-accuracy position control system, the automatic head cleaning and capping system, the media tension adjustment algorithm, etc., thereby having optimized them with one another. Though the Korean manufacturing industry reveals to prominence in the world, the printing machine alone showed inferiority compared with Europe and Japan. However, we have received the evaluation that we marked a new milestone through the fundamental technology and product development related to this digital UV inkjet press. We have received the IR 52 Jang Young-sil Award in recognition of the excellence of the relevant product and applied technology.

Industrialization: More than 10 digital UV inkjet press, industrialized through years of development and investment, have been installed at home and abroad, thereby getting the attention of the market at the same time of being launched. The digital UV inkjet press market utilizing the inkjet is in its embryonic stage and on account of the high technical barrier, explosive growth of the market is expected with DILLI and several globalized enterprises having already entered the market as the center. Especially, due to the unique advantage of the digital equipment, replacement demand and interest of the customers owning the existing analogue equipment have greatly picked up. In addition, DILLI’s industrialization of the digital UV inkjet press is a barrier to imports against the foreign-made equipment, and also contributing to increase of exports. In the beginning, DILLI’s equipment was designed to be capable of printing out at the speed of 50 meters per minute with the maximum output width of 216mm and using 5 colors. However, reflecting the demand from both domestic and overseas markets, now the model line is strengthened to be able to print out with the maximum width of 324mm.


Problem-solving in industrialization: Although we secured the core technology through development of the algorithm for controlling thousands of inkjet nozzles individually,  optimal concave surface design for securing the media oblateness on the printed face, development of the UV curing system, etc., we have faced with the problem of having to align 15 inkjet heads accurately for obtaining the better product of printout. Therefore, DILLI developed the head alignment system capable of fine adjustment easily from the customers’ point of view, and then has completed application for PCT and registration of patent at each relevant country. Through this, we are receiving favorable reaction in the market with the differentiated quality of enabling the installation within a short period compared with competitors as well as improvement of the product of printout.

Technology developer: DILI Corporative Company / +82-31-860-5500 / | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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