Large-sized multi-tasking vertical lathe for windmill parts

Technology overview: Just recently a large-sized multi-tasking vertical lathe has been required at the parts machining market of the wind power generator, along with the vertical lathe having been conceived as the device exclusively for the parts machining of the large-sized wind power generator. Although, until now, parts of the wind power generator have been machined using large-sized machining center for vessel, aircraft and construction equipment, more and more specialized large-sized multi-tasking machining systems tend to be developed targeting the wind power generator market which will develop rapidly from now on. However, the Yaw & Pitch bearing machining equipment for the wind power generator is the field under examination in Korea without any full-fledged production, and all of the equipment used domestically are imported from overseas countries. The high-speed, high-precision and hydrostatic rotary table which is the core fundamental technology as the typical high-value equipment among large-sized machining systems in the future and the hard-turning technology of the high-hardness materials on the lathe with the high-stiffness ram are urgently needed to be developed in Korea for advancement of the large-sized vertical lathe. It is expected that with the development of this technology, the fundamental technology will be secured for localization of the multi-tasking vertical lathe for machining the Yaw & Pitch bearing of the wind power generator entirely dependent on import, the foundation for developing various high-value large-sized machining system by overcoming the technical dependencies will be prepared, and the economical effect will be doubled, such as import substitution effect, targeting the overseas wind power generator markets and technical ripple effect on the development of similar high-value machining system.

Industrialization: We have secured the core fundamental technology of the multi-tasking vertical lathe for machining the Yaw & Pitch bearing of the wind power generator previously entirely dependent on import. We autonomously developed the machine tool structure optimization technology, having applied the techniques of core module design and analyzation, and the topology and dimensional optimization method in order to localize the parts machining system for the wind power generator monopolized by the advanced countries. Also we have secured the core technology through the autonomous development of large hydrostatic rotary table and performance verification, and have achieved the preoccupancy effect of the high-value market for the parts machining of the wind power generator by developing the commercialization model. At present, there are active test cuttings by the overseas buyers and customers visit us frequently. We have already concluded three Memorandums of Understanding(MOUs).


Problem-solving in industrialization: For the purpose of localizing the core technology of the multi-tasking vertical lathe for machining the Yaw & Pitch bearing for the wind power generator, as a result of having performed the structural analysis taking the case of machining in the worst conditions through technical exchange and cooperation with the government-funded research institutes, we have confirmed its structural safety. After having checked the occurrence of distortion at the cross rail of the initial model, we performed the topology optimization and the dimensional optimization in order to reduce the distortion. As a result, we came to compensate and manufacture the cross rail by decreasing the displacement of the tool center point in comparison with the initial model.

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