Fine pulverization technique utilizing jet milling technology for production of aluminum powder

Technology overview: pulverization technique preventing stickiness and clotting in high speed pulverization of aluminum scrap that is ductile and has low melting point was developed. Localization of the related technology was made possible due to development of fine pulverization technique of aluminum. Jet milling technology cannot be leaked outside. Developed technology was applied with expansion to Flexible  PCB board that has similar properties with aluminum among wastes of electrical and electronic equipment. For aluminum scrap that contains more than 98% aluminum, the technology overcame ductility and low melting point, and fine pulverization technique without the risk of explosion of aluminum powder was developed while removing various foreign substances included in aluminum scrap, thereby developing manufacturing technique of high value-added aluminum fine powder with more than 98% of aluminum and below 0.4% impurities.

Untitled-7Industrialization: Environmental-friendly method through re-utilization of aluminum wastes and reduction of carbon emission was developed. Aluminum granule (99%) is used as a material for high-quality ferroalloy (ferromolybdenum, ferrovanadium), and the size of the global market is about KRW 500 billion. Therefore, the balance of trade would be achieved with exports around the world. Essential technology and recycling facilities will be exported.

Problem-solving in industrialization: To overcome ductility, ultra-high speed pulverization (higher than 3500rpm) is utilized to pulverize ductile metals. For milling foreign substances in the surface, the gap in still blade and rotator blade is controlled from 8mm to 1mm in stages to provide crush effect in cutting process simultaneously, thereby polishing on the surface. Since the gap in still blade and rotator blade is at least 1mm, flexible plastic that is not sorted out by magnets will not be cut and extracted out as large particle. For overcoming low melting point, the flow of pulverized materials inside high-speed milling machine is controlled through air flow made by strong turbo impeller, creating natural pneumatic system. Through a 25RW cooler (water cooling jacket in pulverized space of pulverization machine) and sensor for indicating temperature of discharged air in the indicator, the input amount of materials can be controlled, thereby setting the temperature below 80˚C (controller).

Technology developer: JMTECH Co., Ltd. / +82-31-997-4437 / | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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