Lightweight aluminum bumper system against the full-speed crash (pedestrian~high speed clash)

Technology overview: An ultralight bumper system was developed to effectively protect pedestrians from head-on collision with vehicles. To ensure the safety of pedestrians, a bumper-mounted lower was developed in an attempt to not only reduce pedestrians’ leg injuries in a crash accident but also prevent the damage of cooling systems caused by lower stiffener in a low speed crash. In addition, plate-type lower stiffener, which can be used as a vehicle’s undercover, was developed and helped improve the design degree of freedom for vehicles. Aluminum is in general widely used for bumpers due to its lightweight element, and considering the characteristics of the element, it had facture in a crash, thus leading to lower crash performance. In particular, a crash box was installed in a bumper (back beam) to prevent the fracture of the bumper because factures between bumper back beam and the crush box often occurred. Furthermore, to minimize the weight of back beam, the crash pattern was analyzed ranging from low speed to high speed, and the optimal cross-section of back beam was made.

Industrialization: The bumper mounted lower stiffener was developed by using complex materials in the early stage of this project, but now it is made of various materials such as steel and aluminum. Along with plate-type stiffener, this bumper mounted lower stiffener is used for various vehicles makers such as Hyundai, Kia and others, contributing to higher pedestrian safety and lower repairing expenses. The lightweight aluminum bumper is increasingly in large demand for purposes of the recent improvement in fuel efficiency.

Untitled-6.jpgProblem-solving in industrialization: Plate-type lower stiffener was susceptible to deformation in a crash and was hard to obtain the strength of the car body in the installed part. Accordingly, foam was added to improve the stiffness of stiffener and the number of mounting in the car body was added; this resulted in the deformation of the car body and higher repair costs in a low-speed crash. To solve the problem, stiffener can be separated under more than a certain amount of crash impact.

Technology developer: Hyundai Motor Company /+82-31-368-1252 / | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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