Technology development of application & integrated control for the commercialization of the 4WD electric tractor with 35hp

Technology overview: Responding to strengthened regulations by advanced countries for exhaust and fossil fuel depletion, the development of an electrical-powered tractor that uses conversion from fossil fuel to electric energy as power source was conducted as a top priority in order to remove trade barriers caused by regulation of exhaust gas of advanced countries and to pioneer a new market. Through a project for development of components and materials, the purpose was to develop pure electric system that can replace diesel engines, and the pure, genuine, electric tractor was the world’s first product of its kind. In order to realize the same performance as the existing diesel tractor, its weight was reduced to be lightweight, and construction technology for the optimal layout of components for creating the maximum traction power was developed. In addition, the structure was built so that battery, a heavy material, can be easily detached and attached, with a patent application completed.

For vehicle simulation through ASM and Carsim software, tractor modeling was developed so that simulation can be performed through defining electrical property parameters of core electronics such as motor, battery, and inverter and parameters for driving environment such as condition of packaging. Unlike electric cars, agricultural tractors perform high-load works consistently under poor conditions; therefore, with consideration of environmental conditions such as temperature and waterproofing, motor, inverter, battery, BMS system, transmission, and hydraulic system were developed to be suitable for agricultural use.

In order to increase use time by one charge, the research on improvement of energy efficiency was conducted through development of vehicle integrated control logic and echologic linked to an integrated controller. In particular, a dual-motor system was implemented in order to perform driving and jobs, and development of optimally integrated control logic was completed through the research for maximizing energy efficiency when two motors simultaneously perform jobs and driving.

Industrialization: Currently, a market for urban tractor attached with farm working machinery is being developed so that it can be used in amusement park, arboretum, and public offices that are sensitive to exhaust gas and noise. A market was opened through a target strategy focusing on closed workspace such as vinyl greenhouse and areas where agricultural products that are sensitive to exhaust gas are processed, such as orchards, and the business can be expanded to construction and transfer of indoor distribution.

Problem-solving in industrialization: Comparing the cost of lithium battery and use time with those of diesel tractor, prejudice about a tractor being only used for agricultural purposes, etc.

Technology developer:

Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. / +82-53-610-3000 /

VCTech Co., Ltd. / +82-31-477-5050 /

Motion Control & Systems Co., Ltd. / +82-32-621-3322 /

PNE Solution  Co., Ltd. / +82-31-343-1221 /

Daedong Gear Co., Ltd. / +82-55-851-2448 /

Hydrotech Co., Ltd. / +82-53-593-8468 /

University of Ulsan / +82-52-259-1287 / | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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