Ultralight aluminum heat-shield manufacturing technology for automobile engines with its heat radiation and vibration endurance improved by 10%

Technology overview: Heat-Shield for automobile engines protects parts vulnerable to the heat generated around the engine by shutting off high-temperature heat and noise that are radiated from the exhaust system during the engine stroke, and improves the https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryinner environment and ride comfort of a vehicle. Technology reports, produced by overseas leading companies in the countries such as Germany and Japan, suggested that a heat-shield that uses aluminum plate can shut off heat and reduce vibrations, as well as can reduce noise greatly. Thus, many domestic companies tried to domestically produce it, but it was hard to produce a copied one because of its complex shapes, and they also had limitations in their original shapes, resulting in creating no outcome with regard to the domestic production. Currently, domestic technology is on the level of applying an embossing shape to a single aluminum plate, and the aluminum composite panel heat-shields having good performance had been all imported from overseas companies. Amid the recent improvement of automobile engine performance and efficiency, the roles played by the heat-shield and specifications for required performance are getting enhanced. We have developed a lightweight aluminum heat-shield made of aluminum materials having a specific gravity of 30% level and more than three times of thermal conductivity compared to the traditional steel materials. To implement not only light weight, but also stiffness, heat insulation, vibration control and lower noise properties at the same time, we have developed a heat-shield manufacturing technology that has a structure of stacking aluminum plates in multiple layers. As such, we have secured a manufacturing technology for parts and materials, which can contribute to the future eco-friendly green growth. We have domestically developed an aluminum heat-shield manufacturing technology having good performance compared to overseas advanced parts, through R&Ds, which satisfies the intent of the parts and materials technology development enterprise, enhances our country’s competitiveness, and substitutes imported ones.

Industrialization: We have secured our own composite panel sectional shape, applicable to the heat-shields for automobile engines, and domestically developed a composite panel manufacture technology of sandwich structure, holding a process patent capable of producing the pattern shape of a specific model, with the patents pending in overseas countries such as China and India. We have developed a device capable of simultaneously forming plates of sandwich structure, reducing investment and production costs due to reduced processes. Based on the patent holding, production cost reduction, securing a peculiar model and our own aluminum composite panel manufacturing technology, we are carrying out a practical endurance assessment to apply the technology to mass production, in collaboration with a automotive company, to domestically produce aluminum heat-shield parts that have been imported. In addition, we have provided a samples to carry out an assessment for mass production application, at a demand from an Indian automobile company, and a practical performance assessment is being carried out.

Problem-solving in industrialization: To conduct a heat radiation assessment, a key function of the heat-shield, we tried to commission a standardized testing institute to conduct the tests. As there were no efficiency evaluation standards nor testing devices for heat-shield parts, we manufactured a testing facility ourselves and performed verifications and calibrations, establishing an efficiency evaluation system, and based on this. In addition, we manufactured a sample of the practical application model after conducting a plate forming interpretation and physical modeling test, performing a practical evaluation according to the customer company’s standard.

Technology developer: Saehan Industry Co., Ltd. / +82-31-499-3355 / www.saehani.com  IAE / +82-31-330-7516 / www.iae.re.kr

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