Cutter & drill

[INQ. NO. 1605M15] TnC Shark is a leading manufacturer of high-quality HSS annular cutters and TCT cutters. The company’s products have proven superiority in any
work conditions and it will verify the best quality for any applicable conditions.
For the annular cutter, it uses high quality raw material from HITACH (HSS) and uses high quality Tip from CERATIZIT (TCT). The cutter is three times faster than a twist drill. It has supreme portability using magnetic drill.
It realized high out-of-roundness. With this cutter, users are able to drill holes which are difficult to do accurately on a ship, bridge, etc. This product delivers excellent performance in stainless steel, copper and difficult-to-cut materials.

The company’s rotary burr is used in die mold finishing grinding. After the process of welding, it is normally used for a variety of purposes, such as debris removal, also on both sides of the blade. The maker’s center drill is also highly competitive, introducing the industry’s first processing method of nanodiamond coating. Pilot holes are available for high precision lathe machining operations. It ensures improved accuracy and decrease in time. The maker’s SP center drill is also good quality of product, introducing the industry’s first processing method of nano-diamond coating. It prevents chipping on the front end by double angle point. It delivers so much excellent vibration, improving life. Moreover, it has excellent cutting performance due to strong torsion design. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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