Hoist crane

[INQ. NO. 1605M14] As the industry https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryadvances and the economy becomes highly developed, global industry is concentrating more on the field of machinery that can produce high yields with a relatively small labor force. Kyung Dong Machine can help make your company become more profitable with less labor and time invested by utilizing this crane.

Kyung Dong Machine’s single girder crane with mono-rail hoist reduces costs because of its simple construction, and it is effective for simple loading and unloading work. It is popular for use when the space between the building’s ceiling and the traveling rail’s surface is narrow. It is adopted frequently for small-capacity types with short spans.


And the double girdle crane with double-rail hoist is used frequently for large capacity types with long spans. It is best suited for high frequency work and work that has hardly any motion when transporting goods. A report alarm is available, so inspection for repairs is made easy. It can also be used when the space between the building’s ceiling and the traveling rail’s surface is large. The crab crane is used in high-frequency fields such as foundries and steel manufacturing factories. Its time cycle is short because it is processed at high speed. Speed change is possible. Designed and built for an average frequency material, reducing repair frequency of the machine and the electric box. Its lifespan is longer than hoist cranes.

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