Dry screw vacuum pump

[INQ. NO. 1605M08] VACUUMIZE specializes in the design and manufacture of https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryvacuum pump & vacuum systems and has been implementing a number of projects in Korea and abroad over the past many years. Especially, VACUUMIZE succeeded in developing new technology adopted products – dry screw type (VDP series) which are enable to achieve an excellent durability and eco-friendly & economical operation. In addition, VACUUMIZE provides the total system solutions as EPC optimized in numerous industrial fields.

Now it has two representative models – VDP-C series vacuum pump and VDP-V series vacuum pump. The former is a high-performance dry screw vacuum pump that applies constant pitch screw improved in a new profile format, and it is capable of forming Untitled-13.jpga vacuum up to 0.01mbar abs. in atmospheric pressure without using oil and water. The screw design with a new profile format boasts more improved capacity to emit water vapor, liquid and power compared to the existing products, and it enables more stable operation with low-noise and low-vibration. The latter is the latest model that applies a continuous variable screw rotor machined integrally and improves overall performance efficiency through increased operational stability and 30% reduction in power energy compared to the existing models with the same capacity in addition to the advantages of the constant pitch screw.
The two models’ common features and benefits include eco-friendly & economic operation, various corrosion resistant coating, excellent durability, operational stability, flange-type motor with IEC standards, a variety of optional features, and easy maintenance.

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