[INQ. NO. 1605M09] Delta E&C is one of the engineering firm specialized in the ski industry. Majority, provide master consulting planning services for new ski area development. As well as snowmaking system plant engineering equipments relevant with it’s over 20 years know-how & advanced technologies. Delta E&C licensed several patent rights such as “Fully automatic control SMS(Snow Making System)”, “Indoor Ski dome structuring” and “free-freezing module for SMS” etc.
Delta E&C has been involved several ski projects in Korea since 1993. Major references are as follows; Phoenix-park Ski Resort for SMS engineering turnkey basis (1994), Nasan Resort master planning (1995), LG Resort master planning (1997), Oak Valley Resort development consulting (2000), GS Resort development consulting.


Recently developed brand new product name of SMS-Drainer is the device for free-freezing of waterline in the snowmaking system. This product saves working hours, maintenance costs and snowmaker’s safety.
“SMS-Drainer” is adaptable to any type of Nozzles even including Fan-guns, too. The time for discharge takes just half to one minute depending on the length of hose for blowout of water remained. The device no need to any changes of existing system for installation. Recently this product has been delivered to the Phoenix Park, Vivaldi Park, Dragon Valley Resort, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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