CLM, the World’s First Developer of an Automotive Safety Device that Prevents Things from Being Jammed under the Brake Pedal

[INQ. NO. 1607M37] “Our business goal is to completely eliminate drivers’ concerns over safety accidents in driving, and thus to allow them to safer and happier lives every day. For this, we have always sought ways to develop a new conceptual device that can solve the issue. And we actually could see the device as a result of longtime intensive investment,” said CLM’s CEO Choi Joung-kyoung.
CLM recently released its automotive safety device “Life Brake” in an effort to greatly decrease the potential occurrence of car accidents caused by things getting stuck beneath the brake pedal. Life Brake is the world’s first device to prevent things from being jammed under the brake pedal. Thus, it can certainly prevent accidents, which can be caused by objects being jammed under the brake such as canned beverages, mineral water bottles and shoes. It can also prevent accidents, which can also be caused by the car mat being rolled back under the brake pedal.

CEO Choi Joung-kyoung

Life Brake consists of three components – the main body, two wings, and a fixed part. Made of soft synthetic resin, Life Brake can fit in the interior structure of any car. Regardless of type, the driver first has only to insert this product into the space under the brake pedal and make the adjustment as needed. The next three stages allow the driver to enjoy the benefit of the product.
Looking closely back on its development history, in 2009, CLM found structural problems of vehicle brakes and started to develop a brake safety device. CLM saw result of prototype and carried out a performance test by using sponge. In 2012, CLM acquired Korea patent registration for its new product. In 2013, CLM succeeded in releasing a new kind of brake safety device by using a new material of silicon. CLM successfully carried out two million times of test over durability of life brakes, assuring reliable capability. With the product, CLM received a “Gold Award” at the Seoul International Invention Fair in 2013. CLM was designated as the so-called quality assurance supplier and acquired the Q-mark.
CLM finally could take an opportunity to advance into the North American market through participating in AAPEX 2014, the largest-scale automotive parts fair in the United States, through which CLM could capture keen attention of potential buyers, with some amount of actual contracts.
Recently, CLM applied for patents aiming for exports to 11 major nations including Japan. To realize its vision of growing into a major exporter that leads global market trends, CLM is making further intensive efforts based largely on R&D.

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