Impellers and other components for turbo machinery

[INQ. NO. 1607M25] TCT is a top-class, five-axis processing company in South Korea.
TCT’sstrengths are based on its technical human resources with design abilities,quality management system guaranteed by AS9100C, ISO900 and TS16949certificates, professional CAD/CAM softwareand top class precision machiningfacilities including five-axis machining center, and 3D profiler.
Major customers of TCT include: Hanwha Techwin and Korea Aerospace Industries; top class turbo machinery makers like LG, Century, Neurosand Hyundai; governmental R&D institutes like Korea Aerospace ResearchInstitute (KARI) and Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering(KRISO); and global companies like GE, Boeing, Hitachi, IHI, and Elliot-Ebara.

Untitled-44.jpgThe most notable products of TCT are: components for turbo compressor wheels(impellers, blades, blisks, diffusers and inducers), which are applied to gas turbine engines and turbo machineries (includingcompressors, pumps, blowers and chillers), rockets for spacecraft, thrusters for guided weapons, and other defense andcommercial equipment. TCT also produces components for airplane bodies, as well as naval propellers, for military andcommercial aircraft, and for shipbuilding & marine organizations. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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