Small Incinerator

[INQ. NO. 1607M26] Hanaro Eng., in 1998, has been manufacturing incinerators and boilers of many sizes for various purposes. It installed an incinerator at Korea’s Sejong Base in Antarctica in 2010 and exported multi-purpose heaters to Mongolia in 2011. Ever since, its export of incinerators has been regularized, and starting with its export of incinerators to Indonesia in December, 2011, it exported incinerators successfully to Sri Lanka and Vietnam in November and December, respectively in 2012.
Hanaro Eng. currently makes a diverse range of small incinerators. HS-type small incinerators completely bun out the gas in the second separate chamber, which was not completely combusted in the fi rst chamber.

Untitled-45.jpgThe incinerators perform very well for wastes with high heat value, such as PE, PP, tires, rubber, leather, urethane and Styrofoam, and have adopted an unmanned automatic system without any need for operators or methods to input continuously by manpower. Instead, they have adopted air control incinerating methods that induce complete combustion with fine control of infl ow rate of combustion air by special electric pin air nozzle With a freeze protection system installed, the disadvantages of the water cooling system have been supplemented completely. A separate heating facility is unnecessary as water supply and shower facilities can be used by factories, and for offi ce heating and clean hot water. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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