Automotive sintering parts

[INQ. NO. 1608M20] Glosco is a specialty of automotive sintering parts. With over 30 years of accumulated technical know-how and manufacturing experience, Glosco has been supplying top-quality sintering parts to major global top-tier automotive companies such as Hyundai Kia, etc., while helping the country to grow into a leader in the global industry.
Glosco’s various kinds of sintering parts are made to be assembled into, for engine and transmission, places where a series of operations including power delivery could be processed, partly but crucially by a role played by various types of sintering part products.
The products Glosco produces are: power train parts(chain sprocket parts, water pump parts, EGR valve parts, belt pulley, oil pump part, and manual transmission); C.V joint parts (tone wheel parts, auto transmission parts, transfer parts, and ABS sensor ring parts); power steering parts (vane rotor, cam ring, and plate); chassis& body parts (steering column parts, SUV tire carrier parts, power gear parts, seat belt parts, and seat rail parts, and seat rail parts); motor parts (power window motor parts, industrial DC motor parts, power seat motor parts, wiper motor parts, and transfer motor parts). Glosco’s highly att ractive products are steadily exported to the EU and North America, Japan, and China, in bulk. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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