Modular Fabric Structure Buildings to Satisfy Increasing Global Demand

[INQ. NO. 1608M19] Han-A Tech Co. has specialized the production of modular fabric structure (MFS) buildings and air-domes since its founding in 2003. With ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, the company is one of the officially registered vendors at UNGM, UNPD and SAM. It has continuously provided effective solutions worldwide for customers in Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, and Spain, as well as the the U.S. Army and the UN.
The manufacturer has also obtained New Excellent Product (NEP) and Government Performance Assured (G-PASS) certifications from the Korean government for its products.


Untitled-62.jpgThe maker’s products consist of aluminum main frames and high-tech membrane that has self-cleaning function.Their design is beautiful with various colors, so they match well with their environment. These aluminum frames can last more than 50 years without any rust and their membrane keeps clean for over 10 years.
For instance, the firm’s sports center in Japan that was built in 2010 still stayed safe even after a strong earthquake (9.0 magnitude) and typhoon. At the moment, 90 or more buildings the maker has constructed overseas are providing excellent safety and usefulness.

A Wide Array of MFS Buildings Set to Meet Buyers’ Request

The maker’s MFS is applicable for industrial uses such as factories, research facilities, warehouses and dormitories, sports facilities for tennis, basketball, badminton and indoor recreation, and for cultural facilities like exhibitions, event halls, theme parks and auditoriums. Other applications include environmental facilities for waste water/sewage treatment, and military facilities such as training centers, army restaurants, assembly halls, aircraft hangars and garages. Available widths range from 5m to 70m.
Untitled-63.jpgWith several international patents, the company has poured considerable amounts of its revenues into research and development activities for new technologies, designs and production facilities. As a result, it can meet various requirements from its customers both at home and abroad.
Designated as an INNO-BIZ company by the Small and Medium Business Administration, the company can provide customers with full services ranging from counseling, design, production, and installation, to aftersales service. It has actively developed innovative products that feature superior movability and recyclable structure with 10-year warranty. Its skillful and experienced workers are devoting their efforts to product improvement and
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