Humanized Mechanical Convergence Leader

[INQ. NO. 1608M17] Since its founding as D-ECO ENERGY in 1991, D-ECO ENERGY has now become one of the leading generator manufacturers in Korea by constantly developing
new technology and improving the quality of its products.
These continuous efforts have helped D-ECO ENERGY develop an excellent reputation in both domestic and overseas markets. With the aim to become a major industrial player in the 21st century, it is expanding its international partnerships by increasing overseas investments and offering a first-class product range (including open and sound-proof generator sets, natural gas generator sets, second-hand generator sets).
Untitled-54.jpgTo help protect the world’s environment, it is focusing every management resource on developing environmentfriendly products and establishing more efficient service systems. It calls its new vision “Humanized Mechanical Convergence Leader,” to emphasize how human ingenuity and mechanical know-how are being brought together to create a leading world-class brand.

Providing First-Class Generators of All Kinds 

Diesel generator sets are indoor installation products for emergency. They can effectively supply electricity during blackout or any other emergencies. With its high technology, D-ECO ENERGY produces alternator, panel as well. It uses brand name engines such as Doosan, Caterpillar, Cummins, MTU, Perkins, Mitsubishi and MAN.

Soundproof-type generator sets are used in all industrial fields as they are designed for super soundproof and efficient operation. And they are also built with strong frames. This is why there is no problem with operating even in harsh industrial environments.

A diesel engine is suitable for medium or large usage with high thermal efficiency advantages. However, its disadvantages include high fuel cost and environmental factors as it is not considered as environment-friendly, so the dual fuel generator is becoming a trend at present. Untitled-57.jpgDual fuel generators are an environmentally friendly diesel power system, and with the same output and simple system installation, they are superior to existing diesel generators, especially when it comes to fuel cost, which is more than three times cheaper.
With pollutants regulations, the demand for dual fuel generators is expected to increase in the future to take advantage of various effects of reduced emissions. D-ECO ENERGY has established a system for continuous research and development to improve engine efficiency and maintenance through secure system components with development of fuel mixture control technology. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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